Sometimes I get disheartened and think should I close down my school that I've ran for the last 5 years?

I look at the students I have and they don't put the same effort as I put in. Their training is strong and structured in the class but I feel like their only practice is during class times. I refuse to give any of them Black belts because I train every day, practicing ALL the kata in my syllabus. I practice the Kihon twice weekly. When I know my Dan grades are coming up I train twice daily including Running/cycling (I do this 2 times a week anyways) Bag work, sparring etc. My assistant Instructor is of the same mind.

I have 2 students who are first Kyu and they've got a long way to go before I even think of putting them forward to be graded (All dan grades are graded externally). The kata content is there, the Kihons is there, the sparring is there but mentally they are not "worthy" to be a black belt.

Am I being too harsh on them but I don't want to deminish what being a black belt is about. I don't want to give a black belt just because they've been here for the designated timescale.

I have kyu grades of various levels and within those I have students who actually have the same mindset as Myself and the assistant instructor it is mainly because of them I don't wish to close it down. My dream was to have clubs around the country but I can see the 1st kyu's at present not being there within a few months of gaining 1st Dan.

I felt about taking up another art Like Jujitsu (my style is Ashihara Karate based) but wearing a white belt again and not standing at the front is strange. I also thought of closing but just running private lessons for those who want to thus giving me the chance to continue through my Dan levels and for them to gain Dan levels too.

Your thoughts please.

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