"what is supply relative to demand?"

I have no idea. But I would guess that it depends on what exactly you are counting as "supple" and "demand."

Have to make some assumptions here.

I used to travel a lot for work and could almost always find a TKD school no matter where I went.
Traditional karate was noticably more rare. However people teaching varients or their own personal approachs were more easily found but still fewer than TKD.

If I were looking for say Okinawan Goju, depending on exactly where somebody was the "supply" would either be "not enough" or maybe "many choices."
Same if I were looking for Tang-soo-do or Hwarang-do instead of TKD.
Or koryu jujutsu instead of judo and judo period in many places.

If you dump ALL arts into one big bag labled "martial arts" then I suppose that you could argue that supply exceeds demand.....maybe......since you could also argue that the exsistance of so many schools could tend to indcate that saturation has yet to be reaached.

If you treat seperate arts as offering different things then "demand" and "supply" questions need to focused on those specific things.....whatever they might be.

In terms of the question you could probably, generally, say that people have more GENERAL access to "martial arts" but fewer actual/real choices than the overall numbers of schools might indicate.

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