Possibly, but I don't think so. If a school is having trouble getting students it usually has more to do with the business model than the quantity of options.

Most schools are run by Martial Artists, not business people. Which is usually good for the Martial Arts, but not so good for the business. In General anyway.

I know of schools here that because they offer what is hot, and have the reputation. Get away with bad location and bad marketing/sales. What they don't realize is when the winds change, their enrollment will drop, unless they change or anticipate.

For now though, students (myself included) drive past several other schools to get to their bad location, while these other schools are fighting to keep the lights on.

Meanwhile, down the road a bit the other way is a school that is run by a business person. They have people knocking down their doors, sometimes 3 to a bag in some classes. The product is "OK" but their marketing and sales is excellent. Many of those students would probably do better and save money at the schools that are struggling, but those owners don't know how to market themselves to draw them in.

This is during not so great economic times, which is what I am sure the low enrollment schools believe is the issue, when really that's only a small part of the problem.

So, to the point I think it's more likely that some schools did well because there were so few options, they got students by default (this is not reflective of their quality BTW). Today, if you want to be successful, you have to either appeal to a wider base (whats hot in the mainstream) or market you specialty. That has way more impact then the number of shingles hanging on storefronts along the way.

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