What I think Ninpopo was saying was that Krav Maga generally encourages an aggressive response to an attack. Certainly from what I've seen in the couple of classes I attended and clips like the above, certain KM schools do seem to encourage a "kill or be killed" mentaility. As to whether or not this is reflective of the system or is the best philosophy for physical self-protection, well, thats not for me to say.

I also think that the goals of a civilian defending themselves and the goals of a security professional can be quite different. The former may be intent on survival from a physical fight, the latter may want to restrain a person. I certainly wouldn't discount the impact of KM on modern defense programs, but other arts like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu claim to have had an impact on modern defensive training, particularly that of security professionals (law-enforcemnt officers for example). As Matt mentioned, there are other arts that claim to influence modern "self-defence" programs.

Here is example of BJJ training for LEOs:

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