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But the other side of the argument of course stands that in fuedal japan and modern day africa, kids are/were taught to kill from a very young age already, so when it comes to that, its easy and they become very effective in what they do. Honestly I dont like that idea, kids killing, or learning how to, because theyre not nearly mature enough to have access such things. But of course warlords wants to see results in military tactics, they dont care about how many lives they destroy.

Please don't blame the warlords-- villages faced rampant banditry as well. It is my understanding that at the age of five in feudal Japan, a male child would be given a wooden sword, and a female child would possibly be given a self-defense tanto to wear in her kimono. This was done to provide the children with a graduated path of awareness of the dangerous realities of life back then. Every able-bodied child by the age of 13 was ready to help defend the village, and hopefully had the mental tools to deal with that reality.

It's great that we don't have to teach our children such things nowadays, but I wonder if we haven't gone too far in the direction of completely shielding them from it. I think every human being should be able to defend themselves.


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