Well of course theres two sides of teh coin here, of course Krav maga is a killing style, not self defense really, and personally i feel that kids should not know such a malicious art, I know kids, and they will do it on each other and end up taking out someones eye, or as mentioned bursting the eardrum.

For adults its easy to make up attack techniques if the situation calls for it (iow hitting the ear), but kids, when playing around do EXACTLY as they were taught in class, so that will tend to be dangerous to other kids.

But the other side of the argument of course stands that in fuedal japan and modern day africa, kids are/were taught to kill from a very young age already, so when it comes to that, its easy and they become very effective in what they do. Honestly I dont like that idea, kids killing, or learning how to, because theyre not nearly mature enough to have access such things. But of course warlords wants to see results in military tactics, they dont care about how many lives they destroy.

The fact stays, the MODERN day USA, the kids are NOT involved in a war or guerilla warfare, so theres no need to teach them a killing style.

I for one oppose such methods.
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