1. People are sometimes known to do more than one are at a time.
2. I was into NCK for a bit less than a year as a high school junior than moved.
3. I saw it, I liked it, now I'm working it. Along with Army combatives (hoping for level 2 soon). Essentially mma.
4. Ah I see, I guess I do a little bit of a cross between the two because I don't exactly run into them but I change m ystance ever few punches (if it even takes a few to get inside).
Guess it's not really a true blast. Works though.
I really like using jabs off of a side step and low kicks to set it up. Or just go in after they start to retract off of a punch. I can't get that running thing to feel smooth. It's like my hands move way faster than my feet and it messes up my timing.
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