Had to bring this back as I've been working the straight blast pretty regularly again. No matter how many times I try to apply it the boxing blast never feels right and never works all that well. The RAT style straight blast works fantastic however.
Jkogas-the boxing blast may work for some for the straight blast is definitely better for others and very effective. I put as much energy into the punches as possible but I try not to look at them so much as damage dealers in and of themselves as much as distraction and "suppressive fire" in a way allowing me to move in and get the opponent on the ground or open up elbows and knees. That being the case, the slight lack of power really doesn't matter much.nobodyan stop my blast once I start.
That's actually one of only a handful of tactics that I find to be effective for me. I also have found that it can sometimes work to end a blast with a lead hook. Just some thoughts. Anyone else been working these tactics lately?
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