What Brians said. If you make gun ownership against the law criminals will still easily get them. That's proven. I believe that has happened in chicago. And even if criminals didn't have guns they would still be violent. I can't exactly imagine vicious Latin Kings or MS13 guys suddenly being compassionate and peaceful due to a lack of guns. Guns were created i nthe 1600s and people were plenty violent before that.
I dont particularly want to be caught in a gun fight without a gun. Now I'm not sure every needs 20 guns for self protection (I only keep a .357 in a copartment under my headboard and an 1873 .22). But it's comforting to have a couple.
Personally I think we should do like the ISraelis and make miltiary service mandatory for at least 2 and a half or 3 years. That would all but solve issues of gun safety. I know in the Army the slightest safety mistake is severely punished (I've seen guys get body slammed for running with weapons on semi haha).
All this being said I do think at least background check should be required before buying guns as well as yearly qualification on a safety course by owners. Wouldn't hurt and it's not a big inconvienence.
About Canada not having as many gun related deaths or violence-Canadians are hoenstly much more peaceful people than Americans. Canada doesn't have places like Compton, or the Ibraville Projects, Newark, Destroit, etc. I bet there is a lower rate of all forms of violence and crime in Canada (yet somehow you guys have a pretty decent military).
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