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It my date both of us VDJ, but I believe the quote was,

"I'm going to take my right foot here (tapping right leg) and I'm going to WHOP you on that side of your face (points at Boss man's left cheek), and there's not a Damn thing your going to be able to do about it!"
-followed by one nicely placed right leg outside kick, or inside-out crescent, or however your school chose to name that kick in English, that lays the boss man out flat. (courtesy of Bong Soo Han)

Just being picky. I just watched it. wink And, being a Hapkido guy and movie freak, I've got it pretty much committed to memory. Plus the whole idea of telling someone you're going to "whop them", adds to the whole time frame issue. grin

But, great one, it didn't even cross my mind when I started this. But, then I was also looking for real life stories more than movie... they're all good though.

"Whop" maybe correct but he IS hitting the guys RIGHT cheek as they are FACING each other. If he said left side in the film then they messed up the verbage.