LOL these are great. Ive got one!!!

Kung fu club on a college campus, I had joined the school that gives these semester long classes, I thought it would be a good time to continue to stay on top of my basics while helping these students learn. We have a variety of kids come through and one particular year we had a large freshman come out. let me give you the visual image.

-fairly tall 6'2?
-250+ lbs
-LARPer (live action role player, foam swords and renaisance fairs)
-talked about how he would become immortal
-talked about how he would kick my ass in a fight because of his "superior" weight which would simply crush me.

Now that's out of the way. After weeks of working on basics we had moved on to proper jumping, kicks, sweeps, ect. we got to one of my favorite techniques which involves jumping vertically and landing with your feet close, then you shoot your forward leg out with the side of the foot leading. Since he refused to wear the recommended sweatpants to class, he jumped up, landed, slid his leg out and ripped his pants in front of everyone. i couldnt help but to laugh.