Theres one thing i would really like to do still in my martial arts career, and this would be kicking with the tip of my toes. This might sound kind of stupid, but if you think about it, there is more impact force on a smaller area (ie toes) than a larger area ([censored]/foot) with the same amount of force given, because of the smaller surface area.

In plain english, with the same amount of force, a kick with the tip of your toes, will hurt a lot more that a kick with the entire foot. Which is true, Ive witnessed it first hand. My sensei can do this, he has no feeling in his toes whatsoever due to the fact that he has broken in how many times in his career already.
I asked him how he learned to do it, and he said that when he was training in japan, they had to kick a car tyre only with the toes for 3 hours every day for a few months.

This is where teh problem comes in, one, I dont have 3 hours a day to kick a tyre, and two, my medical insurance doesnt cover any "toe injury due to tyre kicking" accidents.
The alternative, which was also recommended to us which seems a lot more realistic, is to slowly get use to putting weight on your toes. Ie walking on the tip of your toes.

Now i want to know, which of the people on here can actually either kick with their toes like that, or has done the toe walking thing before? And if you have walked like this, how does one start, any tips would be appreciated.

Thanks smile

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