Oh of course, i forgot about loco guy nr 2, he came to the dojo, but hes from the gang area of the city, and he didnt have any technique when fighting, also a very muscled man, now i dont have a problem fighting bigger guys, but this dude was shot in the hand a few years ago, and he had some or other metal underneath his hand for protection or something, but the fact stays, it hurt like hell and he never stopped, but thats not the story i want to point out.

We use to have a kids class before our class, and while theyre still doing their thing, the seniors would come, get dressed warm up etc, and this guy rocked up agian. putting a GUN on the table, right there in the open, and no it wasnt a play gun or anything and then he left to get dressed or something. Now this idiot obviously didnt think, what if one of the kids took the gun and played with it? I pointed this out to our sensei, and he told the guy to keep his gun where no one can see it. And he did, then what happened, the sensei told us he got home a few lessons later and felt taht his bag is heavier than usual, this guy left his gun in the senseis bag during class. What if the cops pulled the sensei over and asked about hte gun???? And we dont know what the guy did with the gun beforehand!! Anyways, we were told that he was also "sorted out" and he also never came back.
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