Storm, I knew a kid who knew everything he was being taught in his computer classes because he knew them beforehand, so just because he went to SCHOOL for it doesn't mean he didn't know it, so now, common sense says you are a fool.

Prize, of course there's a lot of Google searches, but take the time reading each one, then go try all of the things the articles say and see which one works, it'll take you a lot of time so have that beforehand.

Saying a powerlifter shouldn't curl is like saying a bodybuilder shouldn't work with weights. Doesn't make sense. Every muscle supports a muscle. Did you know benchpress consists of deltoids, tri's AND back? So what, I shouldn't train my delts now since it plays 1/3 of a fraction of help in my bench?

Like I said, I know what I'm doing, whether you take the advice or not is on you, either way I'm getting stronger and going up every week. This is the kid that went from 185 to 225 on the bench in a month and half, but hey, whatever is clever.

Storm, if you're really that strong, post videos, hell, I have videos of my max's going up every week, so now where are you? Words meaning nothing.
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