Well if I said I was studying science for two weeks, does that make me any less knowledgeable then someone studying more because of that fact? No. Even if I didn't know the answer, I have powerlifting sources, and no, not articles, PEOPLE, like my brother who benches 450 and deadlifts 500.

I don't lift to compete, I lift to get strong, maybe later I'll compete but for now I don't need to.

Bicep curls make your biceps strong, just because it doesn't play a major part in 3 main lifts doesn't mean anything. What sense does it make to bench 300 and only curl 25?

Not to mention I OBVIOUSLY know what I'm doing if my maxes have been going up EVERY week. I've been lifting since what, 16? Just not serious, I did enough research and testing to know what works and what doesn't. If the time I've been doing it is questionable, then just don't ask any questions, it's THAT simple. Either way my max's are going up *Shrug*

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