The body that runs amateur boxing across the world (including the Olympics) the AIBA is starting a new World Series of Boxing this year.

It is something of a revolution in boxing: The AIBA seems to be sick of merely being seen as a "feeder" for professional boxing i.e. young boxer wins world amateur championships or Olympic gold medal, turns pro.

They are lauching the WSB that will allow amateur boxers to compete in longer rounds with no vest or head gear. There is substantial prize money involved.

The real appeal for an amateur boxer though is that they retain their "amateur" status. In other words, they fight in the WSB, get paid a lot of money, but can still represent their country in the Olympics.

Suffice to say this is causing waves in certain areas of boxing. If this works, could very well sound the death knell of "professional" boxing as we know it.

I always preferred watching amateur boxing. Many great boxers in the world, like Felix Savon, never turned pro. It could be argued that many top amateurs could rival pros in the pound for pound charts. Amateurs are rarely factored in such lists.

Interesting times ahead.
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