Hello all,
Been awhile, I've been busy with school and clinical hours. No one remember me? Oh well. Not what im here for.

My state college has recently opened up a MMA club, and i have been selected, after an interview, to teach the standup portion of the club. Stand up and ground fighting are on different days, and we have qualified MMA fighters, strikers and ground fighters to teach.

Um. I had thought volunteering would be a great way to view the other side of martial arts, and im sure in teaching i will be able to view my Muay Thai in a whole new light. There are many Pro's to volunteering my time, and few cons.

But, one of the cons is.... Its a university club, not a gym. We are not allowed to spar, i cannot teach elbow strikes, and equipment is what the instructors feel like bringing. I fear... that striking can only go so far, before you actually have to start sparring and taking hits. Eventually, to be a better fighter, you HAVE to spar. Application of techniques is critical to completely understand how to use them.

Another thing i am unsure of, is what will i make the pre lesson workout be like? I have belonged to a very good gym for a long time, but it was filled with competing fighters, people who wanted to learn so they may better their record in the ring. I was told i will have students that are eager to learn, but are fresh and clueless. Which is fine. But i already have a student with several fused discs in his back (yea, i know) and some students that are severely out of shape.

Any suggestions on pre lesson workouts? Keep lack of equipment in mind, we basically have an empty dance studio. i have thai pads and focus mitts, But i may have between 30-45 students a class. I dont want to spread instruction thin, and kind of bore people while i help those who do not learn as quickly.

Seems i have bit off quite a bit. I CAN and will teach the basics of boxing, such as stances, avoidance, footwork and strikes first. Then i will teach different stances to optimize kicks, several kicks, and how to use kicks if they must have a heavy reliance on kicks. I can teach clinch and knees, and they are allowed to clinch and throw "mock" knees.

I suppose im asking, how do i keep all occupied while i help those who fall behind? and some workout routines can be very effective with no equipment at all, pushup situps burpees spidermen running etcetc.

ANY suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated. Anything you veteran teachers are willing to give, ill gladly take.

Thanks for reading,

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