To be honest the guys in my class at least, aren't really a challenge, one is out of shape and slow (both physically/mentally), one is old (60+?) and one is a "large" woman, the only one whose a challenge is this Mexican who's just as quick and agressive as me, I do have a story though:

I sparred against the overweight kid, beat him, the old dude kicked me in my nuts...TWICE (by that time I was ready to kick him in his face), but I beat him, then I sparred against a black belt and beat him too, so by that time I'm feeling like the ish till I got matched with ANOTHER black belt, Idk if he did it to show me who was boss or being a dickhead but he kicked me RIGHT in the throat and it hurt like HELL I was coughing and gagging, ever since then I wanted to punch him in his face.

As for real sparring, I came first in my regional tourney, couldn't attend nationals because it was on my sabbath (Saturday).

Here's round 1:

Sparring Round 1

Waiting for my instructor to upload round 2...Been 4 months now...

Learned to humble myself and my pride and to not underestimate everyone since then.

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