I started going to boxing with my cousin to lose weight. I was 14 at the time and I had enjoyed the 3 or 4 classes I had attended. On my second week of going i was surprised to hear it was sparring day. Coach decided to put me up against a 30 year old triathlete for 2 minutes.

First 30 seconds were pretty bad but not terrible. He wasn't really coming at me hard and only threw a couple of hits. I got a bit cocky and threw as many one-twos my poor stamina could bear. Landed about 2 proper hits to the guy. Before I knew it I was drained. At 30 seconds I stopped fighting. At 45 seconds I stopped moving. At 1 minute I stopped guarding. The guy ended up throwing everything he knew at me which surprisingly was alot more then my one-twos. Ended up in the corner for the rest of the fight. Can't say it was a pleasant first time but I learned alot from it.