Hey gang,

I started TKD MDK (unaffiliated) back in college. Not an MMA, but lots of additional techniques, with emphasis on practical boxing guard and punches, basic jiujutsu, and stamina (lots of heavy bag rounds). Trained there for 2.5-3 years, advancing to red belt and beginning training for black. Graduated, and couldn't find a good school where I ended up working. Lucky to find kiddie karate at racketball courts. Needless to say, I wasn't interested in paying a lot more to work out at one-tenth the intensity.

New job now in Philly, and I'm training at the old WTSDA headquarters. Good people, but I'm missing my time with the heavy bag. And the forms are just different enough that old muscle memory is a hindrence rather than a help in that department. And I really can't stand the headgear. At least I don't have to wear the silly chest protector though... In the end, it just feels good to collect my share of blisters and bruises again.