Well, going from the direction you have pointed out it seems as if you like the mma type stuff. I think you should pay attention to ctx, He/she/whoever has some valuable insights. Remember, Aikido is not self-defense oriented, Judo, very good as part of a wider self-defense program, is still a sport. Kendo, still a sport, Kung-fu, depends on the style and needs considerable time to be worth while, Tai -chi 99 percent of the time should not be associated as a self-defense or fighting art, and I have never liked tae kwon do myself, as I have met too many students abused by their teachers in the korean arts. Karate has some value but I would hold out for Muay Thai. My advice to you, with what you initially said, would be to train in Judo. With your time constraints it will give you good cardio, and get you prepared for the BJJ or MMa that you can start once you finish your schooling. The best self-defense is being successful, so study hard and get a good job. That way you can afford to train when you have the time. Some more advice, research firearms training and the fillipino martial arts if you are serious about the self-defense aspect of the arts. Any serious attack against you or your loved ones, and future loved ones, will come from criminals who are armed with guns, knives or bludgeons, less so with hands and feet. Check out Mark "animal" Macyoung, and his website. He has some very valuable insights into the realities of self-defense. Good luck.

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