If it was up to me, the only changes I would make to lvl 1 would be instead of spending half of test day making everyone demonstrate every step of a few of the techniques, talking through it detail by detail, spend that half of the day teaching fundamental boxing or muay thai and how to use it to work into a clinch, then put both instructor and trainee in mma gloves and light face masks, allow both to hit and then have the trainee work for the clinch.

I would put in a time limit for how long a trainee can stay disengaged and striking lest they fail so they don't sit there and do the Mohammed Ali thing and float like a butterfly all day. I also only like one clinch they teach. I hate that thing where you go behind, tuck your head in their back and grab their hips and I don't care much for the underhooks. I would teach the thai clinch and the 3rd one they currently teach where you have two arms on one of their arms and your head in their chest (can't think of the name). Heck maybe just teach guys to straight blast (or boxing blast whichever or both) using RAT as the starting point. Otherwise I think all the groundfighting is good. If for some reason you end up in an h2h situation in combat however unlikely it'll probably be in a tight room and include a lot of grappling so it's good to know how to handle some trying to throw you down or getting on top of you. More likely they'll just grab with one hand and stab you with the other or try to grab your weapon.

Which brings me to another point-quit the stupid bayonet stuff and teach weapons retention and just muzzle thumping and butt stroking on bags a lot. That's a lot more likely to happen. Seriously, we spent two hours one day just doing stab and slash combos against air. We didn't even do the bayonet assault course. Talk about a waste of time.

Hey Bushi, just get a group together and go to the gym, pull out mats and train on your own from time to time, that's what we did in Iraq. Sometimes it was only 2 or 3 of us but it helped. Why do you need the whole command to be involved once your got rid of the stuff you didn't like? Good job getting your way with the leadership btw, that never would've happened for us.

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