I dont think we should look to an essentialy throw away piece of family entertainment for serious socio-political comment.

Having said that, it is the truth that more and more western companies are outsourcing their production to Chinese factories.
A prime example being the iconic black taxi's synonamous with London. These are now made exclusively in China, and indeed the management and quality control of the plant do rely on british representatives of the company in who's name they are made.

Human rights issues aside, Mauist communism is very different to that of Lenin/Stalinist socialism. The Chinese have always been shrewd business people, and never against the generation of money.

This is why Hong Kong was not tampered with or significantly altered after the return to Chinese control in 1997, and also why skilled labour from outside of china can, and indeed do, take contracts there for an improved quality of life.
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'