While this may not be technically a MAs film, this is about warrior fighters in a country that created, developed & supported the development & spread of many MAs.
Its website is:

This is an independent film made by 2 US Marine Corp battle Captains. It tells the story of an historic battle that few know about. It took place in the Korean War, often called the forgotten war. It is the stuff "legends are made of". After all, what were (or are) MAs? They were of course fighting techniques to defeat an enemy beofre we had such fancy technology that gave us sanitized weapons. So I guess it is a MA film in the true sense or an original use.

I thought readers may be interested as it also takes place in Korea, where understanding of Korean history is a required subject if one wants to more fully understand the KMAs. This was what led me to finding out about this documentary. The website link provided above contains a movie trailer that is over 2 minutes long that looks fantastik!