Workout 1:
Day 1:
-Back Squats
-Dumbbell Rows OR Weighted pull-ups
-Chest Flyes
-Rope Pushdowns

Day 2:
-Flat Dumbbell Press
-Face Pulls
-Hammer Curls

Day 3:
-Leg Press
-Standing Shoulder Press

Workout 2: Full Body
Day 1:
-DB Rows
-DB Flat Bench
-Standing Shoulder Press/Shrug superset
-Hammer Curls/Rope Pushdown superset

Day 2:
-Weighted Pull-ups
-Weighted Dips
-Front/side raise superset
-Close-grip Bench/Barbell Curls superset

Day 3:
Curcuit of the following:
-Cable Woodchoppers
(first set in this order, next starting w/ push-ups and ending w/ pull-ups, etc. until complete cycle)
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