If you still havenít heard about Ip Man movie and all this fuss about it, so you probably miss a good chance to ride one of the biggest waves of popularity which catch martial arts fans in the act from time to time, the last one was made by Tony Jaa when he just shot out of nowhere with his Ong Bak and following Tom Yum Goong. Year 2010 is year of Ip Man and Wing Chun Kung Fu and let me introduce you one of the stars of this movie Darren Shahlavi.
Ip Man is the first film based on the life of Ip Man, it also marks the fourth film collaboration between Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen. Movie was released theatrically in Hong Kong on 19 December 2008, receiving widespread acclaim from critics and audiences. The film grossed over US$21 million worldwide.

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