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The trick here is, buy a cane that doubles as a weapon, not a weapon that doubles as a cane. The length should be from the ground to where your hand normally hangs to so you don't have to bend over to use it or bend your arm too much because it's too long. Get a nice rattan or cheap wood cane with a crook that barely fits around your neck, UNcomfortably. Get one that's the right length for you to use it as a cane. Then get instruction on how to use it as a weapon from a qualified instructor.

I've bought really expensive canes from canemasters and they're nice. But, the one I bought for $3.95 at the drugstore is the one I use now. The "combat" canes they sell are too heavy and the crook is too forgiving. If you must spend a bunch of money cuz it's burning a whole in you're pocket, you can get a nice hickory one from them. But, don't get the full sized one. They have one labled for women that's smaller and actually more practical for use.

I know this is a old post but I felt I had to defend canemasters canes. I have 5 of them and some are nasty and some look normal and just so you know I am disabled and don't have the upper body strength that most of you do here and I can swing and strike with all my canes with out any problems most of them are 38" long and about 1 1/16" in diameter. As for the crooks being to forgiving I am not sure of the meaning but if you mean that they won't grab your neck and take you down and a drug store cane will you must have a small neck because mine won't even fit in a drug store cane and it lock just fine in all my canemasters canes. They are priced high I agree with that but I would not want anything else with me. I have taken my nastiest cane in court and through security in many places and never once questioned about them but you never know so I also have some that are normal looking that I ordered the blank from canemasters and finished it myself with tung oil and put some grips on the crook. I use my canes everyday all day because I have to or I can't walk the drug store canes are cheap in price and quality sometime you get what you pay for and a canemasters cane is worth the money they will last a life time.