I totally agree with KompressorX you are right.

This is my opinion, I am no better than anyone else smile

If you are constantly training hard style martial arts and not learning to relax down then you are going to be unbalanced, depending on how aggressively you train and your nature you will find that it affects everything in your life.

Your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world, it seems silly to neglect the most powerful part of yourself.

Not only does the right kind of meditation benefit everything you do, it also allows your fighting skill to develop, you will develop sensitivities to your opponents energy, become faster, open up your intuition and your already existing psychic perceptions.

Most people see one topic like this with the world psychic and immediately shut off to it, their skepticism is not about the psychic/chi/whatever else it is about themselves.

If you actually take the time to "be" without any interruption from your conscious mind or outside influence or preconceived notions then you will most likely realize that. And if you continue you will realize yourself.

Hard style training in my eyes is yang training, yang energy repels, you will be repelling to everything you deserve in life if you can't balance yourself. Yin energy attracts it feels good.

When you are attracting you can't help but feel good and you find it easy to control yourself and be sensitive to energy instead of being so dulled from having too much yang energy.

Mindfulness in a way is sensitivity to what is around you, develop that don't neglect it.

IF you are interested in a very unique, powerful and scientific approach to meditation and energy cultivation send me a pm.

You will learn to develop your actual nerve fibers which will make you so much more sensitive to energy, along with that you cultivate chi energy in the same way that subatomic particles flow. You will progress at a much faster rate and your results will make you feel great smile

BTW I do not teach it, I have had some experience with it though and my life has never been the same. smile

Have a rad day, Peace and happy training.
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Peace smile