Having a dog is an excellent idea. Small dogs are generally nervous and bark at any noise they hear. This can act like a house alarm to alert you to something new going on. A big dog is intimidating and their bark will scare most prowlers away unless they are on drugs then all bets are off.

I also have some alarms attached to my doors and windows to alert us of pending danger as well.

Having the outside well lit is also a good deterrent. Why would they want to risk being seen at your place when the guy next door has all his lights off?

If those things fail and they still choose to enter my residence I have a firearm. A 12guage makes an excellent home defense weapon. It has one shot stopping power and multiple shots in case there is more than one goblin in my house.
I certainly don't want to shoot someone, but I have kids and won't have time to figure out someone's intentions if they are in there uninvited.


Don't be afraid of guns bud, they are just inanimate objects and can not just go off by themselves. Get some qualified training and start with a .22 and work your way up from there. You will find it fun and rewarding and wonder why you missed out on it all these years. smile

If you guys are ever in my neck of the woods a range trip is on me.
The2nd ammendment, it makes all the others possible. <///<