Our neighborhood has gone to hell in a hand bag. California has a law called section 8 which allows under privileged families to move out of the major cities and into the suburbs into nice family homes. The government pays their bills and whatever money is left over they get to spend. Needless to say many families have kids who are wannabe thugs. Crime in our once beautiful town has sky rocketed.

Already caught 2 kids scoping out my car on my driveway attempting to break into it. While I could have easily man handled them I instead chose to sneak up on them and offer them a hand. They ran like hell, one even fell over some bushes while running off.

We are thinking of getting a dog most likely a German Shepherd Dog but I wouldn't mind a Rottweiler. They would make great watch and guard dogs but I am not sure were I can get the proper personal protection training in my area.

Also I want to get my parents and even myself a Taser gun with dry stun feature. Taser's aren't classified as fire arms which is all good since I am afraid of guns.

I am also looking into those wireless cameras that you can connect to your pc and laptops. They have tons of features you can be anywhere in the world just go online and check out your property. They come with night vision and send snap shots to your e-mail account when they detect movements. They now store memory on your hard drives or they have flash mini drives on them as alternate storage.
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