Nice post Brian,

I agree 100% on the gun laws. The bad guys will always have guns anyway. They don't buy theirs at a gun store and register them. The only people affected by laws are people that follow the law. I also recently had the opportunity to go on a training day with a friend of mine who works for the LAPD, teaching tactical flashlight, firearms, CQB, etc. Anyway, the first thing he told us before going through the rest of the safety rules was this:

"With guns, the more you use them and the more comfortable you get with them, the more dangerous you are. Because I am wearing this gun everyday and doing this type of thing constantly, that makes me the most dangerous guy on the range today. Don't ever allow yourself to lose respect for the gun. Once you let yourself become comfortable and lose that fear, that's when you make a dumb mistake." (paraphrased, but you get the point)

I don't know if that's just somethign he was told by his instructor or if he's going with actual research numbers, but I had never thought of it that way. Seems logical, though.
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