The group that had this event is having another one in August, on the 14 and 15th, of this year, (2010). It is called the Pacific Island Gathering and it has a Saturday seminar portion and a Sunday fight portion. Mr. Hartman will be back to do a mini-seminar on Modern Arnis and another instructor, (I do not remember his name at the moment) will be doing a mini seminar on Balintawak stick fighting. There are other sword and stick art seminars on that Saturday but they haven't firmed up the schedule yet. For more info. check the Midway Kodenkan website located in Chicago Illinois. John Bednarski teaches DTS Kali at their school and is the host of the Gathering. I will be posting more info. as it comes up on the tournament/event thread here on the forum. Right now I am responding to your post so you might want to check there in the coming weeks or go to the Kodenkan website. Thanks.