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I don't think this guy acted stupid. I just think he made a mistake.

This guy is a professional, part of his job is to go around promoting firearms safety. If someone so qualified can make a mistake like this then so can anyone.

I have a real fear of guns. And knowing that stuff like this can happen does not inspire confidence. Nor does it make me wanna vote pro gun laws. I am against the right to bear arms. I feel if people aren't aloud to carry them, then the cops wont need them either.

There's just a few problems with that logic.

Isn't murder illegal? Rape? Robbery? Illegal for felons to posess guns? These things happen all the time and the laws haven't made them go away. Do we make it MORE illegal?

The only thing that making firearms illegal would do is make it hard for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves, ask Chicagoans.

The problem is not the tool (gun) it is people.

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The2nd ammendment, it makes all the others possible. <///<