I see this thread is still alive. 5yrs later!!

I have some new ones from my judo school.

Long nails guy. We're doing judo, this guy has toenails and fingernails that could slice bread in half. Cut your nails dude!! In the middle of class he wants to talk about anime and geocaching. He has a full head of grey hair. shocked

Girl in the kids class screams all the time. She screams everytime she is pinned or thrown for about 5minutes. Please stay home. Her dad just sits there and never says a word to her while the instructors are trying to figure her out.

One dude shows up dirty all the time with a gi that reeks of BO. Dude! Jump in the river or something atleast!! Pew!

Another guy doesn't know the meaning or light randori, or even practice throws. No matter how compliant you are, he just needs to plant you hard....all the time,everytime!
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