By: Paul Vunak

Where does original JKD fit in?

When we say original JKD we are referring to the combined curriculum's of the Seattle, Oakland and LA Chinatown schools prior to Bruce Lee's death. We strongly believe that the original curriculum should be preserved and immortalized. In order to assure this for the past 25 years we have made it mandatory for all Phase 1 students to know the entire curriculum of original JKD. When I hear people asking which is better? Comparing original jkd to contemporary jkd(which is commonly called JKD concepts) I have to smile and scratch my head. You see, original JKD is contained within contemporary JKD. It would be like asking which is better, a Jab or Boxing? Since a Jab is contained within boxing, the question is moot. Another reason against comparing the two has to do with fairness to Bruce Lee. In order to even be competitive now a days, there are some simple pre-requisites one absolutely must have...

A clinch Game(Either the neck or the body)
Take down defense,
A Ground game.

The reason that none of these elements are in original JKD. Is because they didn't even exist prior to the first UFC which was 20 years after Bruce Lee's death.
"Poor is the pupil who
does not surpass his
master" - Leonardo Da