Hello and welcome.

Had a quick look. Good energy but a couple of things:

i) Your hands drop too much after punching.

ii) You more or less stayed in the same spot while working on the bag. I would try and get use to moving round the bag, working on punching and moving. Rolling stone gathers no bruises. It's like drving in a one way lane. You get use to going in one direction. However, what happens when you go on to a two way lane, and you have traffic coming right at you? In other words, when you are sparring someone is going to be hitting you back. You have to work on body movement as well as punching.

Standing still and duking it out with someone to wait and see who the last man standing is is never a good strategy. Even if you come out better, you may still have taken a lot of needless punishment. You fight how you train, so try and move around the bag more. Even if you are doing it for a workout, getting your whole body moving will make the workout that bit more demanding.

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