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Does anyone fell MMA is going the same way? It now seems MMA, which was originally about different styles fighting, has now become a kind of fixed system of BJJ and Muay Thai. You learn an MMA syllabus.

Marc Denny refers to Thai boxing, wrestling, BJJ as "Generic Cage Fighting". There is an MMA syllabus. Those arts simply have to be in place as it's difficult (near impossible) to compete without them as your foundation.

It will be what is done beyond those things that will set people apart (such as Lyoto Machida).

On that note, I was surprised to recently discover that Machida is a BJJ black belt! That came as a slight shock to me considering that he doesn't display the "normal" skill-set of a generic cage fighter. I mean, when do you really see the BJJ in his game? He's a really interesting example of what can be done beyond that generic game plan.