Hello student_of_life"

The finger thing is not dogma, but bone structure 101. Tiny little bones dislike being away from their four unified "brothers". But if open this way they are smashable and easily broken/damaged solely because they are not supported by the other fingers. Open hand, closed hand irrelevent, single fingers BAD idea.

<<i now don't focus on keeping a tight hand through the kata now, my focus is on what my core is doing and how i move my center of gravity.

Understood. And we're not talking about making diamonds by how your hand is perhaps holding some grains of sand. Simply talking about avoiding the potential for problems IMV.

<<i have a weird arch in my foot and the middle of the sole of my foot dosn't touch the ground.

There are multiple arches in the foot, though only the biggest one is typically thought much about by us or anyone else. Let me make sure I understand your meaning though.

Are you saying that if your foot were a rectangle. That ONLY one edge or the other of that rectangle is physically ever able to be in solid contact with the ground? You cannot have both sides of said rectangle touching at the same time confused ?

As for "karate" not being for you... that's silly! You cannot climb into the body of Zeus or Mars, and do karate from those bodies. We all have anatomical quirks, problems. The question is how do we generate maximum power with those ~anamolies~ not ignoring them. Explore the challenges... its not a lifetime art because the art itslef is that hard to "get". We are that's why its a lifetime thing...

There were several points in either kata which you appeared to be in firm connection with the ground. It was by in large when you picked up speed, sought power in your fists that you rolled to the edges pretty melodramaticly IMHV.

Merely my observation, I can surely (as always) be mistaken,