Hello student_of_life:

As before not familiar with this particular kata. As before as such my critique may be completely invalid/irrelevent.

Same complaint as before re: your splayed fingers. This time it does appear definately stylized to some extent, seems tangible you do it this time at least.

Regardless, those specific instances aside, when you do it elsewhere, or even there I still "object" <wg>.

Also your foot/weight placement is driving me NUTS. Your weight is almost exclusively, entirely on the inside edge of your foot pretty consistantly throughout the entire kata.

That is a red flag (for me)!

Weight should be on both the inside and outside of the foot equally. But given the choice, ever forced to choose between the two, weight should only be on the outside edge of the foot. Yours is the exact opposite...

Believe (rightly/wrongly) that is a meaningful mistake on your part. At several points you appeared to be in motion or worse have lost any connection to the ground while punching. Could be stylized movement, but I believe that is mistaken as well.

No complaints per se with speed or power, but I think here there are some tangible structural-weight problems. But hey, I also could be wrong, and it won't be the last time either <ggg>


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