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Are you kidding me...you guys are giving him props for beating Ruiz...Ruiz is a joke. He has no skill.

A ballooned up Roy Jones Jr went from 183 to 205 just to fight Ruiz who was well over 225+ and beat him and won the heavy weight championship.

I don't know who this Hayes is yet. But it is definitely no big deal that he beat Ruiz.

You're not getting it. Ruiz is far from an outstanding heavyweight, yet he has been good enough to win world belts twice.
Haye has come along and destroyed him, just as a true worldclass heavyweight should.
The Klitchko's have avoided Valuev, avoided Ruiz, and taken hand picked oponents from the cr4p and the fat that make up the majority of the heavyweight scene. Even then, they stiff arm their way to decision or 12 round stoppages.

Now you have Haye, who is not just an exciting and skillfull heavyweight in comparison to this era, (arguably the worst decade heavyweight boxing has ever seen), but could hold his own with any of the champs of any era.
His footwork and mobility are the best the heavyweight scene has had arguably since Ali, and his punching power is ridiculous. He has already unified the Cruiserweight division, and he did this drained and fighting his natural build. Now he is a heavyweight, he is fast becoming a force of nature, and certainly nothing like the Klitchko's have ever faced.

You havent heard of him, but your ignorance does not diminish his skills.
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