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Studying sociology ive come to the conclusion that most fear is misplaced and has no real grounding in reality.

Well, if you had walked a mile in my shoes you would throw away your sociology books.

If I could drop my bs negative attitude towards most people (I don't mean I'm paranoid, or fearful I just mean 99% of people are GOOD people but through social conditioning coupled with no help from evolution we are far more scared than we ever should be of each other)

I am not talking about fear, i am talking about finding trustworthy, reasonably sincere individuals who are truly worth liking/loving for who they are, not what they want the world to think they are.
You know the old saying 'there are no strangers, only friends I havent met yet' ? Its wrong, its not healthy, and its foolish.

unless you were genuinely out in a rough area why would you fight a more positive attitude towards your surroundings, especially when many are on the same wave length as you :-S

You say that like it wasa conscious decision to fight it. It wasnt, I wanted to enjoy it, but my rational mind rebelled against the change in the brain chemistry, causing heightened anxiety and paranoia. Dont believe the hype, plenty of people have a bad time on E.

I wasn't there but you cant deny some drugs can have benefits other than pleasure, a culture obsessed with love, things could be worse?

Yeah, love smirk You should try working security at a rave to see how much 'love' is around when people steal eachothers pills, or try and deal in another persons patch.
It wasnt a love in, it was a bunch of people in stupid hats being taken advantage of whilst maintaining a misguided sense of superiority.

If you called mkat users stupid because there taking an unresearched substance then fair enough. But the way you worded it sounded like a daily mail quote, and I'm a bit confused as to what you meant, then you tried to clarify by agreeing with me that all drugs should be legal :-S

I do not think that making a bad personal choice should make you a criminal. If you smoke weed, become a shut in, and screw up your lungs through heavy habitual use, then good luck to you. If you drink yourself into an early grave, good luck to you. If you stick needles in your arm, lose your job and end up selling your arse on a street corner, good luck to you.
As long as your decision to purchase and use ALL substances results in money going back into society to help deal with the mess you make around yourself, then its all good.
What we have at the moment is bad decisions costing billions in taxes, and none of the BILLIONS spent on narcotics being available to balance the scales.

I agree with you about only booze satisfying someone that wants to get drunk etc etc, but you've missed my point. My point is this, don't you think that given the desire to change our consciousness seems as deep rooted and culturally universal as dancing and music, drugs at the minute are pretty ineffective in terms of damage vs wanted effect. Don;t you hope for a future where people can achieve this at less physical cost? And if so how can this ever come about with our current attitude to RC's?

I want a future where people are self aware enough to create a life for themselves where escape from their reality is not a requirement for social happiness, and where any substance is used from a stable and considered positive decision process, not one of desperation, frustration, and misery.
Making drugs stronger and safer is not the answer to this, making people stronger and safer is.

Everybody believes pleasure is more important than safety, it just depends to what degree. If all you were concerned about was the amount of years you live, then god forbid you'd lead a boring life.

Not so. If you tell even the most hardened smack user, that you know, for sure, that their next fix will definately kill them, and they believe you, they will do all in their power not to take it.

Preservation of life is the number 1 motivating factor for all living things. It is hardwired far deeper than pleasure. Dont believe me? watch a porno in a house fire and see if you can raise an stiffy wink

All that 'live fast die young, leave a good looking corpse' stuff is easy to say when you are young, but very few can repeat it with conviction when a tumour is eating through their bowel and all they have left is a long painfull death.

Everything is life has consequences, and drugs are no different. I just dont think one fo the consequences should be jail.
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'