However I agree right this second, because of what we don't know, it should be avoided. However asuming that in 20 years time it will fall somewhere between mdma and speed in terms of relative harm, BOTH of which are less harmful than booze according to Nutt then wouldn't that make the people down the Pub the really stupid ones when they could be getting a better ratio of desired effect Vs harm by taking mmmkat?

That is horsesh1t logic. If harry murders sally, then his battering unconscious of mary does not become better by default.

I dont think of any drug use in terms of personal harm - if you believe in deregulation (or, in actuality, positive regulation), then you are affirming an individuals choice to put their physical and mental wellbeing at risk in the name of immediate pleasure. The amount of risk is moot, as the principle is a simple constant.

Also, by the above logic, you are asserting that alchohol is the 'opiate of the masses' purely based on availability and legality. This is not the case. Like any drug, the 'high' is unique to it as a substance, and mankind has a love affair with the effects of alcohol that goes back millenia.

Its this specificity of effect that has always been my argument against escalatory behaviour through drug class. The idea that a smoker of weed is really wanting horse, but lacking the courage to 'jump right in' is utter toss. Someone who loves a toke loves it for its own sake. I have known hundreds of smokers who would not dream of 'drug tourism', because they have found what they like, and are comfortable with the culture and crowd that go with it. Same as a coke taker would not have a lot of fun hanging out with smokers, or indeed smoking and clouding their own buzz.

Personaly I find ecstacy the most irritating drug ever. I dont like the effect, the users, the culture, or the scene - it was never 'my thang', though i was a voracious experimenter in my time, I quickly decided to move on and chalked it up to experience.

The pro drug lobby are as off base as the authorities in their depiction of drugs as some benign, fun, awesome way of life.

To beatify a substance is as stupid as to demonise a substance. Its just a substance. The rest of the equation is made up of motive, physiology and psychology of the individual user.
Its a gamble, it just happens to be a gamble I feel people should be free to take legally as supposedly intelligent beings in charge of our own destiny.
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'