Master Higa shares the same Master as my system does. The only difference, from what I was told in the past by my senior instructors, is that Higa learned from Shigeru Nakamura when Nakamura was in his advanced years. So his instruction is much different than what my Lineage's master (Seiyu Oyata) learned from.

Nakamura introduced Bogu Kumite to Okinawa and therefore any decendent from his system, to truly honor him, WILL have full contact fighting as part of their requirements. Same is said for my system of Ryukyu Kempo as devised by Seiyu Oyata. Oyata was the all Japan Bogu Kumite Champion so you better believe we FIGHT!

The fights displayed were from kyu grades I would like to have seen some Yudansha bogu kumite fights in that clip. They would probably have displayed better timing, technique, and angles of attack.

I've heard good things about his school. Check it out.
"I'm gonna come at you like a spider monkey"