I want to do the last of the mohicans course!!! cool

Couple of things:

1. After the initial demo, the very first encounter on the course, Stann gets swept with one of those very techniques in alive test. Sweet cool

2. Secificity is everything, so the Marines wouldn't have done any better in the cage, than the UFC guys did in Bootcamp.

3. The UFC team were all very reticent to really get stuck in, and declined the conditioning drill because they were all clearly worried about injury due to temperature and the lack of traction underfoot.

4. The change in conditioning protocols for the military is a massive step forward. Charles Polloquin has taken it a step further with the fitness work for the SEALS, as they have communication, decision making,problem solving, and skill specific, tasks built in to their drills, all taking place at highest point of oxygen debt.

Great stuff, and a deserved bit of profile for those who kick ass in our names. Oorah!
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