Diplomatically speaking, Kendo is not my art of choice, no more than Bungy Jumping or Free Climbing. All require skill and a willingness to risk life and limb. I really want nothing to do with any of them.

With regard to handling that shinai, I had done everything I could to avoid "volunteering" and did manage to be the last in line. That way he could ignore my rudeness more easily.

Later in the same seminar the visiting sensei had a group of us working our way through the Omori Ryu. We were doing Gyakuto. After the main thrust you step back with your blade high and follow "him" down. When "he" is on the ground and you are on one knee, you turn the edge up and support the spine of the blade with the fingertips of your left hand. You thrust your right elbow back, as tho striking someone behind you. This gives a small upward motion to the tip.

Sensei's gopher ran off to tattle on some shameful thing I had done. Sensei came over and asked me to repeat the kata. Then he asked, "What did you just do?"

Without changing my gaze at the tip, I told sensei, "I just cut 'his' throat," to which he responded, "Yes. That is what it looked like."

Then sensei walked off with a friend laughing about my maverick teacher.

So who is being rude?