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I was watching Jackie Chan spar in the preview and was thinking even at his age, look at him move. So few of the MMA guys I have watched can move that way, but imagine if they could, how much more dangerous would they be.

You do know that Jackie Chan is NOT a TMAist, or MA'ist in any true sense of the word right? His background is Chinese Opera, and the tumbling and acrobatics inherent in that.
He has never professed to be a martial artist, and has always been at pains to point that out.

So no, you havent seen any MMAists move like him, but then, you have never seen any TMAists move like him either, unless they incorporate opera tumbling from outside of their TMA of course.

As for the rest of it, you cannot enforce fortune cookie insight through MA classes. If I wanted my kid to develop respect, lack of ego, a benevolent outlook on life, then I would be looking far away from any form of Martial art - Charitable work, volunteering, after school programmes etc.
If the kid isnt of a mindset to want to do these things, then they are not of a mindset to absorb watered down versions of these concepts from MA, they only want to go because its 'cool' or 'learning fighting'.
With that in mind, I would send them to a school which was heavy on reality and light on the philosphy, because in Judo, MMA, Muay Thai, etc, they will learn humility, and they will learn respect, instead of just talking about it.

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