Great points Kimo.

If you look at MA as Military arts. And then you consider what one learns in the Military. It isn't all about fighting. There is more to it than that; honor, respect, self sacrifice, many traditions.

It is easy to be convinced why philosophical and moral training should be taken out of the martial arts or in public schooling. By people with good arguments and superb vocabularies. The argument being MA is all fighting. What the student does with their knowledge is all on them and that the instructor should not be held responsible because they have n control over them. I do not agree.

If your teaching something in this case how to defend yourself by hurting someone else. Then I feel it is also the responsibility to teach them about the consequences for their actions.

One of the problems with the focus on sports and competition is that it becomes all about the winning and not about the journey. Many schools that stress sport the students focus on the end result instead on the experience. They focus on the technique alone ignoring all the mental and emotional work put forth in an effort to get to where they are.

Like teaching science without ethics.
"Poor is the pupil who
does not surpass his
master" - Leonardo Da