If you want to get a thread started...take a shot at the MMA world!

Seriously though, this is not meant as another look into TMA vs MMA in terms of quality of fighting.

My thoughts are that watching just the preview, it reminded me what drew me to MA so many years ago. It wasn't just the ability to fight, but the way the whole art packaged itself. The Tradition, the beauty, the respect for others and the balance of the mind and soul.

Modern MMA schools, I think stripped all that away. So dedicated to what works right now, that more esoteric training and ideas are dismissed out of hand.

I was watching Jackie Chan spar in the preview and was thinking even at his age, look at him move. So few of the MMA guys I have watched can move that way, but imagine if they could, how much more dangerous would they be. (oops slipping into that fighting thing again)

But my point is that is something more to MA then just pure fighting, and when done correctly those things enhance the MA, not detract.

Just some thoughts...
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