I am underdog's proud teacher. I was sent this link and wanted to add what I could. I am the co-owner of the Learning Center for Martial Arts in Mansfield and Norwood with John Hagman. Our school was founded by Steve Schatvet, but has changed in many ways since the Massapoag days.

Vinny Guerrini, John Hagman, and Marshall Wolff were around through the 70's with Brian Murnane and occasionally Don Murnane. Although we occasionally run into Dennis Mann, we have no connection with Massapoag at this point.

This kata was removed from our curriculum due the fact that students did not spent the time learning from it, but all too much time trying to remember it. It is fairly boring and, in my opinion is a great drill, but no kata.

If you are able to direct me to some links about Peter Ventreska, I would love to read more. Thanks so much. I have never been totally comfortable calling our Japanese Karate, "Shotokan" There are so many elements that are variation.