Starting a group is going to be very difficult, but also very rewarding. The biggest thing to remember when training, is that each person has his own abilities, and his own experiences. Because of this the style will adapt and change, so you should be sure not to be too rigid in your instruction. Your JKD will be different than mine, and mine will be different than Matt's or John Kogas even though we all practice the same ideas. And thats a good thing. it keeps you from becoming rigid in your physical approach to the art as well as keeping you mentally agile, able to comprehend and implement new trains of thought and ideas.

As for my picture, there is one here on FA, and many were surprised by my resemblance to Brian S. If I cannot find it here I will post another in a few days, though I dont believe that I should appear so readily to the names you have listed above as its a variable who' who of Kung Fu/JKD. I dont belong next to these men, one day perhaps, with lots of training and even more luck, though I appreciate the honor. Thank you and I will try to get on a little more, I do miss it here, and Im starting to get a little more free time now. Let me know how your group progresses. CZ

Oh yeah just remembered. CoryTutor at Myspace. Its a super old page and it even got hacked at one point but my pic still remains. I havent re edited the work that the hacks did on my profile so try not to pay much attention to the garbage posted.
"When I let Go of who I am, I become who I might be."
Lao Tzu